Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Longfellow and more

My friend Alex King allowed me to create a concept for his character (from his short story) Longfellow.  I'm hoping to work with Alex a lot more in the future, as he has some really awesome short stories (mostly of the horror genre I believe).  If you're interested in reading any of his stories, you can reach him at .  Along with the concept, I've also posted quick mock layouts for website designs I'd like to try (for businesses in my town).  The layouts really are just meant to show color palette and layout ideas, so they were each done in about five minutes.  And sorry for not updating in such a long while.  I'll try to pick up the pace (moving just took a lot of time to get used to).



  1. nice concept on Longfellow; haven't really seen your web design stuff til now and i must say you have a good sense of color schemes going on in these ones. :) looking forward to more! is where you can find my blog :D

  2. Thanks man (I'd follow your blog if I could find a follow button on it). I usually browse through color palettes to find color schemes for site designs, but I'm glad you like them!