Thursday, November 10, 2011

Character Crap

Working my new job and dealing with problems at home have made the past day hard to be productive, but I can't let anything get in my way for the Deathline Challenge. I missed yesterday, but I can't let that happen anymore. Tonight I worked on a character design, though I want to get it critiqued and work on it more. Tomorrow I night I plan on doing another still life.

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  1. Yeah I get shit like that all the time, I actually don't bother fighting back as it's a waste of energy imho =)

    For your character, would maybe say the character's right hand could be scaled down a touch, feels a bit big in relation to the other hand

    And then this is jus my opinion, but you could maybe look at suggesting something further visually to sell the concept of him being a killer. I'm not sure how you could do this but I'm jus offering it as a broad idea to consider. I'd basically try and push the concept further somehow if that's your intention =)

    Okay qwl bro, Good luck with the next stage and keep well =)